leafWhat is CEM Vallirana doing to reduce energy consumption?
Llop Gestió, the company who is in charge of the facility management of CEM Vallirana sport complex, has implemented several energy efficiency measures, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability issues. The energy audit conducted in the framework of STEP-2-SPORT project revealed huge energy savings potential, and one of the aspects highlighted was the in efficient operation of the pool dehumidifier. As pool dehumidifier represented around 60% of energy usage of the whole building, CEM Vallirana decided to refurbish it, incorporating new energy efficient elements and repairing old components.
leafEnergy refurbishment in Stalowa Wola
As the swimming pool located in Stalowa Wola was built in 1959 (with further upgrades), it shows significant heat losses through building envelope as well as through ventilation system. The U value of each envelope does not fulfill the requirements of the polish regulations, which also translates to higher energy costs. The energy source is a district heating system. It supplies the heating system as well as domestic hot water system. In order to reduce energy consumption there will be carried out works concerning 4 areas:

- the envelope of the building
- HVAC systems
- installation of renewable energy sources
- lighting.
leafMinor steps, major impact
Through Step2Sport project, energy efficiency measures are being implemented in 26 pilots.While the most significant renovation has been accomplished in pilots such as CEM Vallirana sport complex and Stalowa Wola swimming pool, minor renovation steps have also been made in several other sport centers that participate in the project. We gleaned three of them -Sport Hall of Farsala, Zambrów swimming pool and Örkelljunga swimming pool- and we present you their step by step refurbishment towards NZE prospect.
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