Athanassios Petsopoulos
Engineer, expert in energy funding mechanisms, energy audits management and renewable energies.
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Costas Theofylaktos
Engineer, expert in cogeneration, energy policies, energy efficiency and energy management.
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Anders Nylander
Architect. Energy expert in design, refurbishment, planning of maintenance and operational optimization
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Josep Mª Granollers
Mechanical engineer, master in HVAC systems. Ten years’ experience within Icaen involved in energy efficiency projects and RES. Expert in Energy Performace Contracting models and ESCOs.
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Marc Torrentellé
Holds a Master Degree in Energy Efficiency & IPMVP expert. Expert in energy audits, energy management and verification of energy savings.
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Pau Casaldàliga
Architect, expert in energy performance certification and active &passive solutions for buildings.
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Marta Sikorska
Marta Sikorska is an expert in energy efficiency and energy audits.
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João de Jesus Ferreira
MSc Engineer. Expert in energy audits, energy efficiency, Energy Performance Contracts, IPMVP and energy management.
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Giuseppe Ursino
CEO of IPPO Engineering. Involved in Renewable Energy Systems. Pioneered Geothermal energy in Italy.
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Petar Kisyov
HVAC engineer and MSc in energy efficiency. Holds MSc in Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Industrial systems. Involved in projects dealing with energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
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Ioana Betova
Mechanical Engineer, MSc in Business administration. Expert in energy efficiency and energy efficient construction at BCC.
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