02In Plovdiv, Bulgaria the Ministry of Youth and Sports launched a public procurement for the implementation of energy saving measures in the Multifunctional Sports Hall, one of the pilot sport buildings triggered by Step-2-Sport project and coordinated by the Energy Agency of Plovdiv. The package of measures, worth 66 500 euro, aims to tackle the problem with the overall inefficiency of the building by implementing several energy efficiency measures, including:

– Replacement of existing metal frame windows and doors with new PVC, U ≤1,40 W/m²K
– Implementation of external and internal wall insulation – EPS-F 80 mm and Knauf pre-siding system with AMF Hera Design acoustic panel with mineral wool 80 mm
– Implementation of internal roof insulation – AMF Thermofon mineral tile with 100 mm mineral wool
– Implementation of efficient lighting – 120 pcs.
The measures will be completed within the next 6 months.

Current state of the art:
The building is constructed in 1986 and since then no major energy renovations have taken. It belongs to the Municipality of Plovdiv and it is managed by 3 private sports clubs – weight lifting club, boxing club and club for martial arts. Currently the sports buildings is characterized as highly energy intensive as it belongs to energy efficiency class F.