In Europe, there are around one million and half sports facilities, which represents 8% of the overall building stock. Most of them were built before 1980 and need refurbishment because no considerable changes have been made to the initial conditions. The STEP-2-SPORT project aims to support the refurbishment of the existing sport buildings through step by step renovation towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB), contributing to the EU energy objectives. The project covers the field Integrated Initiatives, focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy use in buildings.

The pilot sport buildings represent the following two types of sport facilities in different climatic conditions:

  • Swimming pools: focused on indoor swimming pools, because these facilities have higher energy consumption, caused mainly by the large amount of evaporation and ventilation needed.
  • Indoor sport facilities: include multi-function sports centers, community centers, gymnasiums (school sports halls), integrated sport facilities (with other functions integrated in the same structure), indoor ice rinks, etc.

Twelve partners from seven European countries participate in this project, that has officially started the 1st of March 2014 and its duration is 36 months.


LEITAT Technological CenterLEITAT is a Technological Centre specialized in production technologies. LEITAT develops R&D activities in the areas of materials sciences, environment, surface treatments, biotechnologies and renewable energies with deep knowledge and experience in technological transfers to several industrial sectors. LEITAT takes part each year in many projects financed by the regional and national governments, participates in projects co-funded by the European Commission, and develops private R&D projects funded by industrial partners. LEITAT has a wide practice carrying out energy audits, energy efficiency studies; allowing a reduction of the related environmental impact, not only saving energy consumption but also getting the energy from a renewable source; and studying the most efficient technologies regarding cost/energy efficiency and implementation of the best technology in each situation.
Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN)Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), as a regional energy agency, is founded by the Catalan Government and is aimed at the promotion, implementation and support to necessary research and study for knowledge generation; in order to design and implement policies targeted to achieve the optimal management of energy resources in Catalonia.
ICAEN is the governmental entity in charge of energy performance certification in Catalonia and is also leading the energy efficiency program for the Catalan Government building pool. So Step-2-Sport is aligned with ICAEN objectives, due to the fact that many sports facilities in Catalonia are owned by the Catalan Government and also, because there is a clear commitment on disseminating learned lessons to other private and public sports facilities.
SPEEDSPEED Development Consultants SA is one of the oldest Greek independent consultant companies, which, since its establishment in 1989, is active in the consulting and study services both in Greece and abroad.
SPEED’s main focus is to provide specialized services to public and private bodies, as well as to institutions of local and regional government in the following areas:

• Management and Evaluation of Operational Programmes (CSF, NSRF)

• Strategic Planning (sectoral/regional)

• Project Organisation and Management Services

• Technical-economic and Development Studies

• Research, innovation and entrepreneurship

• Policies, plans and projects in energy, environment, tourism and agriculture

More than 250 successfully completed projects compose the width of SPEED’s professional experience and prove its special capability in undertaking and conducting projects and various studies.
KAPEThe Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE) was created on the 15th of April 1994 by an Act of the Polish government, as a result of an agreement of shareholders implementing the national energy policy. KAPE main shareholder is National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The agency was created as a joint-stock company and in line with the Civil Code adheres to free market principles. KAPE also realizes tasks of a public service character on a non-profit basis.
KAPE is promoting and implementing world class standards and practices in the fields of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development, on the basis of which we create optimal energy efficiency solutions for our customers. Our strategic aim is supporting the competitive growth of the Polish Economy through improving Energy Efficiency in respect to the rules of Sustainable Development.
KAPE offers complex advisory and training services in the fields of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development for companies and building sector. The Agency also provides expertise for Polish government and municipalities, and conducts activities in the fields of educating and promoting rational energy use and development of Renewable Energy Sources.
Acting as either the managing or implementing body in Poland, KAPE is involved in a range of international projects set up as part of the European Union’s energy programmes and national projects co-financed with public funds. In addition to that the Agency is the national contact point for beneficiaries of the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) program, which is itself part of the wider Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). In 2003 the European Commission granted KAPE mandated body status which entitles the Agency to take part in projects conducted using twinning agreements. Since 2005 the agency is part of the European Energy Network.
Skåne Energy AgencySkåne Energy Agency is a regional energy agency founded with support from the European SAVE program in 1998. It is a department within The Association of Local Authorities in Skåne, a member organization of the municipalities in the region, which is a non-profit organization. Our steering group consists of five local politicians from the region and 3-4 experts. Skåne Energy Agency is Sweden´s second largest energy agency with more than 20 employees. The office is located in central Malmö. Our work areas are divided into three main areas which are: renewable energy, energy efficiency and planning & strategies. The work in these fields is done through networks, projects and through energy advisory services.
PICH“The respect for the environment as a value that has to be managed became a social consensus. Architecture has to search for new alternatives that propose a more stimulating relation with nature and an honest application of natural resources. This can give us objective guide lines to approach planning and construction technology from a really contemporary point of view.”
Picharchitects is an architectural firm with 27 years experience in Eco-efficient architecture that provides an overview of the various strategies for interventions in buildings.
Our industry knowledge allows us to propose actions that respect the needs of the buildings to be rehabilitated to reduce operating costs optimize the volume and revitalize buildings. We realize amortization plans without any commitment of all possible actions, both architectural and facilities, to maximize the return on investment and therefore the net economic savings as we prioritize economic results in the short, medium and long term.
Picharchitecs takes part in many projects financed by the regional and national governments, participates in projects co-funded by the European Commission, and develops private R&D projects funded by industrial partners.
IPPOCRATE AS S.r.l. (IPPOenergy) IPPOCRATE AS S.r.l. (also known as IPPOenergy) is an Energy Service Company (ESCo) with core business in the implementation of plants for the production of energy from renewable sources. It is an EPC Contractor (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) having the responsibility to design the project, procure the necessary materials and build the plant. IPPOenergy works as ESCo for local public administrations assisting them with the development of new renewable systems, implementing a number of successful national and regional projects. Our engineers and experts are experienced with Energy Management, Energy Customized Solutions and Electrical Energy from renewable resources such as Photovoltaic, Aeolic, Biomass and Geothermic energy. IPPOenergy is also engaged in promoting the environmental and energy culture.
The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) is a legal person, based on Chamber of Builders Act (publ. SG, in 2006). The BCC is an independent, voluntary professional association and official register of Construction Co. in Bulgaria. BCC members comprise 1689 legal persons and 16 Universities and educational institutions. National structure of representatives includes 27 regional offices around the country. Main BCC goals are:

• to conduct registration regime of construction around the country;

• to improve construction management and promote using new technologies and energy efficiency in its members;

• to draft strategy, legislations, programmes, maintain contacts with the competent state, regional and municipal bodies and organizations, related to construction activity in the interest of its members;

The BCC is taking part in the development of regional, national and international projects in Operative EU programs, European Social Fund, chamber of FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation), and many Confederations and professional organizations. BCC participates with great authority in Step-2-Sport having possibility to executes and popularizes the project results.
Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP)Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP), Bulgaria is the first energy management agency established in Bulgaria under the SAVE II program of the European Commission (EC). EAP promotes energy efficiency and clean energies at local and regional level, provides energy efficiency and RES comprehensive information, education, advocacy and lobbying and identifies and develops energy energy-saving and renewable energies projects. Recently EAP has established laboratory for research, testing and quality certification of solid biofuels and compost and research center for air quality modelling.
ASEAASEA is a local energy agency set up under the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme. Legally, ASEA is an «in house join stock company», wholly owned by the Province of Benevento. Founded in 2006, the Agency aims to support sustainable development and to help local communities in achieving significant and measurable improvements in Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency fields. ASEA provides timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information as well as support to policy making agents, economical actors and the public concerning energy saving & efficiency as well as renewable energy sources utilization. The Agency offers its experience in energy planning for public bodies, energy audits for buildings, drawing up of public lighting plans and technical support for project design of energy efficient buildings.
The Agency, which also has the management of Campolattaro Dam, is furthermore very active in the promotion of themes related to the environmental protection, offering the general public, technicians, local decision makers, stakeholders and students constant support through the organization of information campaigns and informative meetings».
MedSOSMEDITERRANEAN SOS Network is a non-profitable, non-governmental organization active since 1990 for the promotion of ecological and social sustainability in Greece and the Mediterranean, as well as citizens’ and stakeholders’ sensitization on environmental issues and respective alternatives through Sustainable Development. MEDSOS supports a multisectoral approach on Sustainable Development, which involves collaboration with NGOs, universities, scientists and experts, public and private stakeholders, civil society associations and media. MEDSOS comprises of 120 'Full Members' who form its annual General Assembly and approximately 3000 'Supporting Members' and at present, MEDSOS has 10 permanent collaborators/ staff (environmentalists, engineers, social scientists, administrative personnel). A network of external collaborators and scientific partners is being involved in certain projects in part-time or voluntary basis. Its main fields of intervention are: Energy & Climate Change, Marine environment & coastal zones, Water resources, Natural protected areas, local
communities, urban environment, Public Participation. Main activities regarding climate change and energy efficiency targets include ongoing information, awareness-raising and promotion of citizens’ participation on crucial issues, and relevant local, national and international policies. MEDSOS, as communication and media expert, advocates and promotes cooperation among social partners, private and public stakeholders and policy-makers for the support of energy efficiency and climate protection policies, measures and demonstration projects as well as executes national scale awareness raising campaigns by organizing national and international conferences, street events, mass mobilisation and by using social media, audiovisual and print and electronic material (spots, documentary films, brochures, etc).
SELFENERGYENERGIA PROPRIA is the new legal Entity of SELFENERGY, which was the first ESCO (Energy Service Company) of the Portuguese and of the Iberian market that promotes pioneering combination of the energy efficiency in buildings with decentralized energy and micro-generation implementation utilizing renewable energies. SELFENERGY provides integrated and complete energy management solutions and services that maximize the value of energetic resources and proposes energy cost reduction contracts based on performance supported by certified energy audits and by the installation of equipment with private or public funding. The combination of the best international manufacturers of micro-generation and renewable technologies, with the most conceited European universities in the sector, ensures the continuous implementation of innovative technologies applied to suit the customers need.