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leaf The path to a nearly Zero Energy SPORT Building retrofit
art1Under STEP-2-SPORT project, a Roadmap towards nearly Zero Energy SPORT Buildings has been elaborated in order to support the refurbishment of the existing sport buildings through step by step renovation. The roadmap addresses the key steps to be considered by sport owners, but also sport facility managers, for achieving nearly zero energy sport buildings, including a description and the potential savings of a wide variety of energy improvement measures that can be implemented. Achieving nearly zero energy in existing sport buildings is challenging since requires not only installation of new technology, but a shift in the decisions made during building’s life. To pave the way towards nZEB levels, it is recommended that sport owners/sport facility managers with the support of energy consultants develop an action plan to prioritise the energy conservation measures to be implemented in the next years, determining the expected energy savings achievable year by year.

leaf How to finance the energy renovation towards nZEB concept
art2In the last years, budget cuts have reduced the number of sports facilities investing in energy improvement measures with medium-long paybacks. It’s important to not be dissuaded from some measures with longer payback periods since large percentages of possible energy savings may be lost. Bundling long payback measures with quick payback measures can make the combined rate of return more competitive, while at the same time major savings can be achieved. nZEB renovations cannot be achieved through the use of public resources alone since these are insufficient, and therefore the contribution of the private sector is essential. There are different innovative financial instruments that are supporting the energy renovation such as:

  • Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
  • Energy efficiency investment funds
  • Energy efficiency obligations and white certificates
  • DEEP Green Initiative
  • Citizen financing

Further information about the financial mechanisms that enforce the transition towards nZEB can be found in the Roadmap towards nearly Zero Energy SPORT Buildings.

leaf Current state of implementation of NZEB construction
art3The topic of zero energy buildings (ZEB) has received increasing attention in recent years, until becoming part of the energy policy in several countries. The main terms that are used to describe/define a Zero Energy Building are “Net Zero Energy Building” and “nearly Zero Energy Building”. In the recast of the EU Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD), it is specified that by the end of 2020 all new buildings shall be “nearly zero energy buildings” and a nearly zero energy building is defined as “A building that has a very high energy performance as determined in accordance with Annex I.

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