Within STEP-2-SPORT project, a benchmarking tool and an advisory platform have been created with the aim to promote the energy renovation of sports facilities.

The Benchmarking tool enables sport owners and sport facility managers to assess their current energy performance and determine their energy improvement potential.



Top benefits of the Benchmarking tool:

  • Determine the energy improvement potential of your sport building
  • Compare the energy performance of your sport building with an energy-efficient building of the same typology
  • Provide recommendations of energy improvement measures that can be implemented to achieve a Nearly Zero Energy Sport Building, reducing your energy expenses up to 60%

A tutorial video is available to support users on how to use the benchmarking tool. Click “CC” to see the subtitles in your language.

An Advisory Platform is available on the project website to advice owners and sport facility managers that wish to implement a deep energy renovation. Through the advisory platform, the sport sector has the possibility to contact the technical experts of STEP-2-SPORT project to ask their questions concerning the implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energies, Measurement & Verification of energy savings, funding opportunities, energy performance certification and other aspects related to the energy renovation of sport buildings. The sport sector has the possibility too to consult the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about energy renovation in sport buildings.