• Technical Meeting for the compilation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan and the implementation of ISO50001 (27/2/2015)

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  • During the conference Smart Cities (VIA EXPO) in Sofia (11-13/3/2015) Step-2-Sport project was promoted through leaflet distribution.
  • Step-2-Sport was extensively presented during the annual meeting of ABEA (Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies).


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  • EAP presented Step2Sport project at the “Energy days” International Conference that took place in Plovdiv on the 29th of September 2015 and attracted the participation of experts, stakeholders, municipalities and deneral public.



  • During the First training course on nZEB in Catalonia, Step2Sport and its key aspects, such as energy performance indicators and benchmarking in the field of sports facilities, were presented.20151112_104723


  •  MEDSOS’ International 2days Conference“Sustainable Water Management – Best Practices in Europe” attracted the participation of over 450 stakeholders. Step2Sport was disseminated through informative leaflets’distribution.DSC_0467
  • Step2Sport was disseminated by SelfEnergy  to architects, engineers and municipal employees and constructers through personal contact and leaflets distribution during the nZEB training modules and assessment schemes for professionals involved in nZEB building process.


  • During the 4th EFISport event, INDESCAT (the Catalan Sports Cluster, member of the Step2Sport Advisory Board and the organizer of the event) announced to the attendants that Step2Sport training activities will be conducted in June 2016.attendants                                                                                               photo by Jordi Estruch


  • Step2Sport attended the World Sustainable Energy Days WSED Conference in Wels – Austria (24-26/2/2016) and attracted the interest of several stakeholders.


  • One of the Greek pilots, Sport Hall of Farsala, disseminated Step2Sport project during the Smart Cities Conference that took place in Athens the 1st of March 2016


  • MEDSOS disseminated Step2Sport to other environmental NGO’s, through discussion and leaflets distribution, during  the focus groups sessions on Energy Efficiency issues, organised by the National Center of Social Research.


  • STEP-2-SPORT results and good practices of step-by-step renovations towards Nearly Zero Energy performed in sport buildings, were demonstrated to local stakeholders during a 2days training event that took place in ITEC, Barcelona the 1st & 2nd of June 2016.training_session_Spain
  • STEP-2-SPORT was disseminated during the RePublic_ZEB project final Conference: Urban Rehabilitation of Cities towards Sustainable Energy Systems, that took place in Lisbon the 7th of June 2016 and was honored by the presence of the Secretary of Energy of Portugal.




  • During the “Training sessions on Energy Performance Contracts: Opportunities and sharing of good practices”, organised the 22nd of June 2016, in Lisbon, by  Self Energy Engineering & Innovation, S.A and ISR-UC, ISR – Universidade de Coimbra,  STER-2-SPORT project was widely disseminated.











  • The measures implemented in the Greek pilots, the project’s results and the benefits of energy efficiency in the building sector were promoted during the training session in Athens (29/9), aiming to motivate relevant stakeholders towards NZEB.












  • The first guided visit in Greece took place at the Sport Hall of Farsala. More than 140 students had the chance to learn more about the benefits of energy efficiency along with the measures implemented at the Sport Hall, through Step2Sport project. Furthermore, information material was distributed and the Poster, demonstrating the energy consumption of the building before and after the implementation of energy saving measures, was displayed.
















  • During the  guided visit, that took place the 20th October at La Bordeta Sport center, nearly 20 engineers found out how the new technologies on hot water storage can reduce a huge amount of energy.












  • The energy improvements achieved at SAF sport center, including a new biomass builder that provides hot water at all the center with 0 CO2 emissions, were demonstrated to several sport facilities owners, during the guided visit on the 21st of October.













  • The second guided visit in Greece took place on the 24th of October at the indoor swimming pool of Nea Smyrni. More than120 participants got a first idea of the facility’s energy efficient potential, through the implementation of the Step2Sport proposed measures.

















  • The energy improvements implemented in the Spanish pilots as well as the benchmarking tool were presented to more than 60 attendants, who participated in the 2nd edition of the Catalan nZEB training course.




  • The main goals of Step2Sport, along with the necessary measures for a nearly zero energy performance were explained to the participants of the guided visit in Madara swimming pool.




  • Thanks to the guided tour at the Multifunctional Sports Hall Vassil Levski NSA, the visitors had the chance to learn interesting information on NZEB, such as the EE recommended measures to increase the energy class of the sports hall.












  • The Portuguese training session that was held at Biblioteca Municipal José Saramago, Loures, on the 6th of December attracted the participation of nearly 50 stakeholders and familiarised them with the concept, tools and best practices on NZEB.


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  • Step-2-Sport’s concept and achievements were presented and widely disseminated during the ABEA (Assosiation of Bulgarian Energy Agencies) conference, on the 6th of December.


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  • The main outcomes of Step-2-Sport project, as well as the multiple benefits from the transition to NZEB were presented during the Greek Regional Dissemination Event on the 26th of January.


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  • The Spanish Regional Event, that took place  the 2nd of February in the headquarters of Sports Council of Catalon, gave the chance to 130 attendees to find out more about the outcomes of the project and get familirised with its useful tools: Benchmarking Tool & Advisory Platform.


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  • The Portuguese dissemination event took place with great success in Barreiro Municipality on the 8th of February. The project’s outcomes, developed tools, advisory platform and video were presented to a wide audience of different stakeholders: municipal managers, sports building managers and technicians, users, engineers and energy service companies.